The Rolling Quill: A Poet on Wheels
                About The Host...


   Hi there, my name is Greg.  I'm, as you might know since you're here, an aspiring writer and poet.  I've had some health difficulties, hence the name of the page.  On this site I'll post some of my work, from poetry to short stories.

   If I feel whimsical I will even post funny things. Have to keep the right balance of a poets woes and smiles, dont you know. 

   My poetry ranges from light to dark, happy to sad and good to evil.  I find fascination in opposite ends of a spectrum.  Feel free to leave comments, its encouraged.  So kick off your shoes, relax and have a good time.  Keep in mind, your exit is in the top right corner in the form of a little red X, in case of emergency.  Thank You.

-The Wheeled Poet